A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Update 9/29/18: Thanks to all that stopped by the RHYTHM ROAD booth at BostonFIG! It was a finalist for Best Student Game!

Update 3/2/18: Rhythm offset slider added in the options menu! If the default synchronization isn't working for you, try adjusting the slider to the right first.

RHYTHM ROAD is a fast-paced musical rhythm game that will take you to the end of the world, but only if you don't give up!


Character Creation - Draw and name a character to be used in your adventure

A Road to Explore - Eight unique tracks, each with a normal and expert mode

A Uniquely Nostalgic Soundtrack - Rock drums and guitar mixed with classic sounds from video game history's past

Art, Music, and Programming by Harrison Fisher (MIDI Vagrant)

Additional credits in-game

RHYTHM ROAD is Pay What You Want. You can download the game for free. If you enjoy the game, please consider purchasing it! It allows me to keep making games like this in the future.

Questions about the game? Bug to report? Send a message on Twitter to @MIDIVagrant or email midivagrant |at| gmail |dot| com.

Install instructions

A keyboard is required to play this game

Install Instructions


1. Unzip the game folder

2. Click the executable 

3. Enjoy!


The Mac version of RHYTHM ROAD requires the itch.io app to play, which can be downloaded here: https://itch.io/app


RHYTHMROAD18321.zip 115 MB
RHYTHMROADMAC18321.app.zip 120 MB